Why you’re not showing up in Google Maps and local search results

If you’ve recently built your local business website but it’s not showing up in Google Maps or in local search results, there could be a few reasons why you’re not doing well online. Your site may be too new to rank, you may need to claim your online business profile, or further optimize your site and listing. Learn why you might not be showing up in Google Search and Google Maps, and what you need to do to appear higher in organic local search results.

Why you are not showing up in Google Maps

If your local business isn’t showing up in Google search or map results, you probably need to pay more attention to your Google My Business (aka Google Business) profile. Here are some GMB issues that may be preventing your business from appearing on Google.

You have not created a GMB Profile

First, you must create or claim your Google My Business profile in order to appear in local search and Google Maps results. If you don’t do this, you run the risk that your listing either doesn’t exist or displays incorrect information.

If you’ve already submitted your business to Google, but your listing isn’t appearing in the search results, it could be a sign that you haven’t verified your business. To do this, Google will send a physical confirmation card to your business address, and you will need to sign and return this card to Google.

This process can take weeks, but it’s best to optimize your listing in the meantime – just don’t expect results until your business is verified.

Why your Google Business Profile might get suspended

Your listing will be suspended if Google determines you have not followed their GMB guidelines. It’s not always because you’ve done something wrong – sometimes it can mean your listing doesn’t match other information online, or that you made a simple mistake creating your listing.

Here are two reasons why your GMB listing may get banned:

  • Changes to your listing (especially within the first 7 days). – Phone, Name, Address, Categories, or Website URL
  • Violating Google Policy. – Being unable to prove the address, a location customers can’t visit, “online” business only, multiple listings for the same address, forwarding your website or phone number.
  • Listed as a Service-Area only Business.
  • Service area businesses only show up in Google 3 Pack results…and, they are usually demoted.

For more information on Google Business Profile and suspension visit Google Suspensions.

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