What Is local search & the most important ranking factors

What is a local search?

Local search uses internet search engines to conduct geographically restricted searches of a structured database of local business directories. Typical local searches not only are seeking keywords (included in a business’s services or products), but also “where” information (commonly referred to as NAP – Name, Address, Phone) of a business. An example of a local search is “Marketing Services Near Me“, “Irvine Paralegal Services“, or “Seafood Restaurant San Diego“. Any local search that includes a location modifier such as a city or “near me” is an explicit local search. An implicit local search contains a product or service that is consumed locally, such as, “restaurant”, “nail salon”, and “corporate attorney”.

The search results are returned in a Google Search are done through Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) and are called a ‘local 3-pack’, simply a list of three local companies who are part of the Google Business Profile directory. A searcher may see more local search results by clicking “more places” under the 3-pack. There may often be an advertisement on top of the 3-pack (so, it will technically show 4 business and the first noted with by the word ‘Ad’ under it).

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Local Search allows your business to develop leads into customers.

What are the ranking factors?

Algorithms are computations major search engines use to determine which local businesses rank in local searches. Primary factors include the Google Business Profile Category, the proximity of address to the point of search, physical address in the City of search, reviews, and links. Other factors which are included are:

  • Backlinks show an important correlation
  • Sites with more content (more keywords too) tend to fare better, especially when local cities are named in the metadata and content
  • Quality of citations – a low number of duplicates, consistency, and number of citations. Citations are considered foundational but do not offer a competitive advantage beyond approximately 20 citations
  • Having a Google Business Profile Page that is verified with reviews and photos
  • Finally, the presence of a keyword in the business name was found to be the most important factor. So, if you are a San Diego Painter it would benefit you to call your company San Diego Painters, not Chris Nelson Painters.

How Local Search Partners build your search ranking?

We hit everyone of the above touch points, in addition to these, we also focus on:

  • Writing blogs for your Google Business Profile Page (and your social media)
  • Build more relevant pages for your website (again these may be blogs, however, they will also be explaining products or services)
  • Submit press releases to hundreds of high-ranking news websites, who in turn, will link back to your site and your Google Business Profile Page.
  • Answer your reviews (good and bad)
  • Solicit and encourage communication through the messaging app
  • Finally, we perform full SEO services on your website and off-site on a constant basis

Our goal is to get you to rank #1 on Google for local searches in the 3-pack and #1 on organic searches.

For more information or local search blogs check out our site: https://localsearchpartners.com.

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