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Local SEO

Local SEO or local search engine optimization (SEO), is the practice of setting up your website and all of your content to target algorithms that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use. While general SEO focuses on ranking high in niche-specific searches, local SEO brings geographic location into the equation. While many of the same principles apply, there will be a shift in using keywords and backlinks to target local audiences and maximize impact in a smaller pool of competitors.

“Local SEO helps business become more visible in local search results on Google.”
Steven Lockhart

How does local SEO work?

Every search engine has a mission: to get the best results for a user’s query.

For this purpose, search engines use artificial intelligence to crawl, index, and rank all online content and filter out the best results. Your position on the results page depends on whether your site includes the necessary elements that Google wants and omits punitive elements.

Local SEO works to prioritize these platforms with a more specific goal. Instead of competing with the big companies in your market, work to differentiate yourself in your community.

Techniques like including location-specific terms in keywords and backlinks to local event pages boost your exposure in a more relevant area. This increases your rank when nearby searchers search for your products or services.

Local Search Partners, Local Search Marketing, SEO, Search, Google My Business, Google Business Profile

Enhanced Traffic

Local SEO is about getting more traffic to your Google Business Profile Page and/or your website. Not all traffic converts to sales, but more traffic usually means more opportunities to meet new customers.

Less Advertising Cost

A major advantage of local SEO is the low cost compared to other marketing efforts (especially advertising). We are experts in website coding and algorithms. Typically, spending 5% of your revenues on local search can be 3-5X your revenues.

Long-Lasting Rankings

Advertising provides no long-term benefit to your rankings, and unless you want to create endless content and blogs you’ll have a hard time ranking. Local SEO can force the issue and with multiple locations, you can reach the top 3 in the Map Pack.

Bypass Competition

Two equal companies sell the same products and services – who gets the new customers? The one who optimizes for local search. Local SEO is a massive competitive advantage when comparing two similar companies.

More Local Reviews

Local reviews are a beast unto themselves. As you generate more local reviews you tend to accelerate them. More quality reviews mean more local customers will trust your brand. More brand equity means you’ll generate more customers.

Better Conversion Rates

Traffic from local searches is significantly more relevant compared to national searches and local searches have intent to do business with you. If you can connect with your potential customers you will grow your business.

New Customers

Since local SEO uses relevant keywords for marketing your business and uses proximity, and intent you are more likely to attract potential customers from within a 5-mile radius of your location.

Mobile Optimization

More than 60% of searches are done on a cell phone (and we are sure a new study will come out saying it’s over 80% soon). If your site and local SEO isn’t optimized for mobile, we can help. Improving optimization will improve bounce rates and bring in business.

Engage Community

One truly unique thing about local SEO is it is significantly easier to get rich snippets to appear for your business. These could be related to local blog posts, reviews, etc. Most customers want to read, engage, and understand who they are doing business with, and rarely do companies do so well.

Build Your Brand

Local customers do not always purchase from the first business they hear about. They want to vet a company out and make sure it can meet their needs. This is why customers read reviews and examine your offering. Local SEO creates the right image and sets the expectation for a great experience.

Local Search Partners, Local Search Marketing, SEO, Search, Google My Business, Google Business Profile, Google Maps

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