How Do I Increase Website Traffic?

We perform SEO so potential customers can see our sites and engage us to become actual customers. The goal of increasing website traffic is to create conversions from a Lead to a Marketing Qualified Lead, to a Sales Qualified Lead, to an Opportunity, to a Customer. Conversions (as well as time spent on site, etc.) signal to Google which, in turn, forms your ranking. The more visitors to your site, the more customers you should be able to generate. Sounds simple, right? So, how can you do it without spending money?

1. Optimize your website

It is absolutely critical you create page-specific keyword optimization, schema markup, and attractive, mobile-friendly landing pages. Correctly use H1, H2, H3…, description, metatags, picture description/tags, etc. Perform simple keyword research to find words your competitors are using and use them. Update your SEO titles (these are strong ranking factors).

SEO Titles

  • Location
  • Product/Service
  • Competitive Advantage (something important)

Update your content

For most of our clients, we add at least 2-5 new web pages per month!

2. Complete Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business)

You absolutely need to complete and fill out everything you can in the Google Business Profile including:

  • Business Category
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Many Photos
  • Keywords in Services
  • Add keywords in Reviews
  • Increase the number of reviews
  • Respond to reviews

3. Publish a new blog consistently

Want to push your domain authority? Blog everyday. Consistently engaging your customer with great content will deliver traffic. The best place to start? Blog about products or services. Include as many keywords as you can without sounding spammy.

Repost blogs to Social Media (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) – you may find your target market uses one social media platform more than another. Use it!

When possible, use Guest Blogging. This is simply getting your blogs on other people’s websites. Check out our search marketing blog.

4. Email your list of subscribers

Grow your email marketing list and share new content. Even with a small 2.5% click-through rate you can see building a large database can yield great traffic (for every 1,000 subscribers you’ll get, on average, 25 website visits)…what works even better than email? Developing a Text Campaign to do the same…with response rates significantly higher.

See our other local marketing posts for more detailed information.

Visit our website Local Search Partners for more information!

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