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Local Search Partners ultimately started in 2003 when John and Steven met for the same client. They’ve been friends who have always stayed connected with their passion for family and marketing. Finally, after nearly 20 years of talking about combining their efforts, they created Local Search Partners.  They agreed local marketing needs to be a result-oriented effort providing clients more opportunities to identify and cultivate potential customers for a business’s products or services – and it had to be done with integrity. With 50 years of marketing experience between the two – they made it happen.

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Integrity always comes first. We strive to do work we are proud of and showcases our talents. We are driven by bottom line results and we want our clients to always feel they got the better end of the deal.

No guessing. We do as much analytical work as possible before we spend money. There is no excuse for not knowing what your customers want. Our job is to provide pinpoint accuracy.
We listen to obtain correct information, to understand, to learn, and because we enjoy what we do. Our satisfaction is knowing we were clearly able to deliver on your expectations.
Most of our clients could hire their own internal marketing manager, manage them on a daily basis, and hope they have the right expertise. We view our relationship as a partnership – you win, we win!
We offer white glove service. This means we do not push work back on to you. If we say we are going to do something, we do it. We are marketing experts and you shouldn’t take orders from us.
As a member of your team, we are empowered to make decisions. Our goal is show immediate action and solutions. Trust is earned and respect is given when a job is well done.

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